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New Monitor stuck at 640x480

Question asked by jack3 on Sep 7, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by jack3

I have been using my 290x for many years with a dell u2412m over display port. I recently purchased LG 27uk670 and I have been using that over display port for two weeks. I was using Any desk software to remote in my desktop PC from work and I clicked an option to adjust the resolution. The screen went to 640x480 and has been stuck like that since when connected to my 290x. 


When I connect it to the hdmi on the 290x it works fine as normal any resolution. I can connect the monitor to my onboard intel display port and that works fine as well. 


When I uninstall the AMD drivers it works fine at 4k on standard graphics drivers, but of course that is not very good for playing games or 4k videos. 


During the installation of the AMD drivers it goes back to 640x480 every time, with no option to change it. 


I found a software on your forum called custom resolution. I then exported the valid resolution set from the tool from when it was connected without the AMD drivers and import that back in when the amd drivers are there. But the performance is terrible. 


the monitor shows as Generic non-pnp monitor and the LG drivers says that there is no LG monitor detected. If i uninstall the AMD drivers then it detects the monitor as LG. 


You can see in the custom resolution program, when it is detected it has LGGSM5B08 and when not it has PNP09FF


Is there a way I can reset AMD monitor configuration? I don't want to have to send the monitor back over this or reinstall windows.