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rx 5700 xt no output signal

Question asked by masteroguitar on Sep 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by shamgar

alright this is another post, I was having problems with my brand new rx 5700 xt. when i put it in there is no signal. 

here are all my pc specs.

motherboard ga ab350 gaming 3 rev 1

ram corsair vengeance 16gb 

power supply corsair rm 750x

proccessor ryzen 7 1700

ssd. for storage.


i dont understand what is happening. its seated properly i've updated my bios, the power connectors are correct, the hdmi cable isnt bad ive tried multiple times. i ran ddu to get rid of everything. i cant get into my bios with the card in because my processor doesnt have onboard graphics. i know everything works cause as soon as i take the card out and replace it with my gtx 1660 ti, it fires right up. im at a loss, everything says it is compatible.


there is nobody else on the internet that is having this problem so i need some serious help.