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3700X: fastest core not favored by windows scheduler (win10 1903)

Question asked by ghueller on Sep 7, 2019
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When running single-threaded benchmarks / applications, windows (win 10 - 1903) schedules processes/threads as if it doesn't know about the "fastest core" in my 3700x. It always seems to prefer Core-0 in the system (marked in ryzen master as "second fastest core", whereas Core-3 ("fastest core") is always idle for low-thread workloads.
I wouldn't mind, however the first core only turbos to 4.3ghz and I've read windows-10 1903 should actually be able pefer the core which can be clocked highest.


My system consists of a 3700x on a phantom gaming 4 asrock board running the latest BIOS (1.0.3aab) + latest chipset drivers (ryzen performance power plan).


Should this actually work, or am I hoping for too much?


Best regards, Gerhard