AMD Ryzen PRO 3 2200G graphics driver problem

Discussion created by lazarilic72 on Sep 7, 2019

I bought a new PC a couple days ago and it came with an disk containing drivers for sound, lan and chipset. All drivers perform great except for the chipset/graphics driver. With the MIcrosoft Basic Display Adapter driver, the picture is sharp, clean, and the resolution is correct, but the in game performance is very poor (at most 5FPS and you can see the refresh lines). But, when I install AMD Adrenalin drivers, the screen looks awful, grainy, the colors are off(by a bit), and transparent elements look like they were sanded. Howewer, the in game performance is great. This applies to all versions avaliable of the Adrenalin driver. Currently, I am using the default Microsoft driver. Is anyone else expiriencing the same/similar issue and how can I fix it? Thanks in advance!