Kernel option error in Low-Latency guide

Discussion created by gms on Sep 7, 2019

The 'Performance Tuning Guidelines for Low Latency Response on AMD EPYC-Based Servers Application Note' (Revision 3.01, June 2018) paper reads on page 17:

rcunocbs=<core list>—Restricts these cores from receiving any rcu call backs.

That option is actually named: rcu_nocbs  

Since nohz_full (which is also listed) does imply rcu_nocbs, you still get the intended effect.

But it still makes sense to fix this and perhaps clarify that this option is redundant when using nohz_full.


Btw, the guide contains many figures with code/command snippets that are rendered as images - such that one can't copy and paste them into a terminal. Which is unfortunate.