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Motherboard chipset drivers set return code to 1603 even on success

Question asked by aggienick02 on Sep 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by elstaci

The newer motherboard chipset driver installers have a big issue for automated installs. Some (apparently) non-critical portions of the installation silently fail, which is fine, but they cause the return code for the overall install to be set to 1603, which is ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE .


This is bad because it means that, for automated installs, we can't distinguish between a successful chipset driver installation and a failure. The code is being set because "ExitExtractionSetup" ends with a return value of 3, as does "SetupCompleteError" .


I've tried both the current ( and previous ( chipset drivers, and both exhibit the same behavior. The older style installers were not as pretty, but they returned 0 on success. Can this get rectified in the next driver update?


To reproduce, run the command for automated installation:

START /WAIT "" <path to executable with exe name> /S /V" SILENT=1 /qr" /clone_wait

then when that finishes run

echo %errorlevel%

You'll get