Overclocking memory on drivers gives a blue screen or closes applications

Discussion created by maxrealliti on Sep 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2019 by pokester

Good afternoon, I encountered a problem with any overclocking. The memory on the risen processor is unstable, although it takes 4 hours to stress test in prime95, the gskill 3200 xmp memory only works normally at 2133, it either displays a blue screen or closes 3d applications, tried different drivers and versions BIOS on the asus c6h motherboard, until recently, everything was fine; memory is chasing up to 3466 with timings 16-17-18-18-36-64-1t, I can’t find the problem, who faced this problem and found a solution, tell me, Windows version 1903 assembly 18362.329, video card vega 64 lc,periodically every 15-30 minutes it makes either a shutdown or a blue screen, but only when opening 3d applications it is very rare in idle mode, the power consumption mode is bitsum highest performance