3900X core speeds in-game

Discussion created by killbot on Sep 6, 2019
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Hey all,


So I upgraded to the 3900X a few weeks ago and have noticed while playing games such as Arma 3 / DayZ and having Ryzen Master open - the peak speeds are all over the place during gameplay. For example it bounces around more often around 1500-2500Mhz and sometimes into the 3000Mhz range. When I feel lower performance and frame drop in-game, I look over at the Ryzen Master and can see it's reporting peak at like 1500-1800. Anytime I feel performance degrade in-game the Ryzen Master is always reporting low peaks and smooths out when it bumps up but it's very sporadic.


Feels like I might not have something enabled that should be. Currently the Ryzen Balanced Power plan is used, and this is paired with a MSI X570 Carbon Pro and 3200MHz (32GB) Crucial which I have boosted to 3466.


Is there a proper way to get the CPU to boost at much higher speeds on a normal basis, and at a higher more constant rate? I noticed the fluctuation in other games as well, but more noticable in Arma / DayZ where they heavily benefit from single core performance.


- thanks