The Driver DOESN'T WORK!

Discussion created by warsun on Sep 5, 2019
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 I have said this about Media player in Full screen an i just tried to load into SimCity 5 just now. It completely crashes my system. An yes this was a clean install. I have reported this every other month hoping someone has competence in your service. You drivers are crashing some programs. FIX IT! Reminder. This has been going on since the 19.00 series. All of them! This is very important! Yes i know this is support but i have tried feedback for months. No one is fixing it!


OH? You aren't Sure. Run Windows media Player in full screen. Or try playing Some games in Full screen. You Will Blue screen on Windows 10. Why don't you try it? Then get in touch with the Driver managers because i have posted too many times to get the message across to them. Its almost been a year.