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Wraith Prism missing cable! (NEW 2700X from big tech store)

Question asked by leeway on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by jamesx380fx

Hello everyone. I have a little problem, AMD didnt found it serious enough to go under warranty (Thats what store said after 3 weeks of waiting for response) so coming to You to ask.


My new Ryzen 2700X comed to me with... 2x 4pin RGB cable instead of standard 1x 4pin RGB and 1x 3pin USB connector. So I dont have control over lights on Wraith Prism. I can "kind of" customize it thru MSI Mystic Light but Im not happy with this option and I dont find it "working properly".


My main question is... What is the full name of this 3 pin cable and where I can find it to buy ? Im searching 2 days already and nothing!


Screenshots what exactly cable Im missing in attachements


Please help


PS: The store also offered to take this 2700X from me and give back money or 30$ voucher for buying new cooling system if I want. Im waiting with emailing them back right now.