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V-Sync locks to 30fps in games and video stutters with dropped frames.

Question asked by a_swarm_of_bees on Sep 5, 2019

The GPU is a new Saphire 5700XT. All the drivers are up to date and the old drivers are removed with DDU


In games, turning on V-sync causes the framerate to be limited to 30 or less. This happens in all games i've tried. Turning off v-sync gives higher framerate but causes horrific stuttering and screen tearing. I consider most games to be almost unplayable in either state. 


Watching Youtube videos, the video hangs and stutters constantly with massive amounts of dropped frames. It is particularly bad on 60FPS videos, but it drops frames on lower framerates too. This happens with hardware acceleration turned on or off in chrome, and happens in Edge as well. It happens on other video services like twitch as well.


None of these problems happened with the old GTX970, and the GPU was the only hardware change I made


All Radeon settings are factory standard.


I've tried connecting to the monitor using both HDMI and DP and the problems are the same with either.



CPU: Intel 6700K

PSU: 650W Corsair

Monitor: BenQ GW2765 @ 60hz 1440P 16:9

Motherboard: Gigabyte Gaming Z3

Ram: 16GB HyperX

HD: Intel SSD


Does anyone have any recommendations? Its still in the store return timewindow, so I think I will return it if I cant find a fix soon.