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19.9.1 Black Screen In Game But Game Runs On Background

Question asked by mainakcrixallis on Sep 5, 2019

So Far Since Last night of Fresh DDU install to 19.9.1 . Pc is running fine . but with eventual 1-2 blackscreens while playing games 


I know this is a driver issue but a fix would be appreciated . 


Also . NO CRASHES ON YOUTUBE with HW/Accleration  so far .  No Bluescreens so far 


Pc specs .i7 2600k

Mobo . MSI Z77A G41

16GB 1866 DDR3

And Sapphire 5700XT



How is this black screen coming ? yes . it comes when i ALT Tab to windows from a fullscreen Game such a Dota2 or CSGO . 



Please fix this issue . thanks . driver is looking good so far