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5700 XT - Black Screen with distorted noise followed by crash during game

Question asked by kingslime on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2019 by tommil

I'm kind of reaching my ends here with this card and mainly because it is just so random. I'm giving it a high threshold because I know the card is good and I'd like to keep it but waiting for drivers is killing me.


It mainly happens in Final Fantasy 14 sometimes minutes or sometimes hours after I've played. It will suddenly go blank with no warning, it used to be a long buzz noise for 10 seconds or so and then it would shut off. It now plays a distorted buzz noise for 3 seconds followed by shutting off. The weird thing being that some games I've seen it only once in like Metal Gear Solid V and Batman Arkham Knight. I played Dark Souls on it for hours and hours and never got the issue so I'm thinking something is happening under full load. The problem is most common in an MMO it seems and I can say that the GPU utility is usually very high in it.


I've done everything I can think of. I've DDU'd the drivers multiple times and I get beyond excited when I see a new driver update hoping it will fix it. Even with today's update I'm still getting the problem. Recently today I've reseated the graphics card and haven't had much time to test it but I've gone so far as to make sure I have two separate GPU connectors rather than one that branches off into two. In Adrenaline software I have ran at stock settings, still crashes. Sometimes it will go blank for a split second and recover. As of right now I have the fans way up past stock and temps never seem to reach past 80c as opposed to the 90c+ they do on stock. Power limit is also set to 50% above. No additional overclocks. 


I've done BIOS updates, windows updates, and the computer really doesn't have anything on in the background major except for Steam. It's a very clean new build. Even going through the event viewer doesn't give me enough clues as to what would cause it. 


My RAM passed a full night of memtest, reseated just in case. I've turned off hybrid mode on my PSU just in case. I've plugged in the mobo, cpu cable just because and made sure the PCI-E cables were especially tight. 


I can return the card essentially whenever due to store warranty so that is going to be my next step and I'll likely get another one of these just to make sure but I was hoping to at least make it til the store I got it from gets the reference cards even with a bandaid just to make it that far. And I don't know if the card is 100% to blame here, who knows with a new build but I haven't experienced a problem in all my years of building PCs quite like this one and symptoms seem to go to the GPU. 


If anyone has any advice, I will gladly take it and if I need to give more info I can. I've had AMD cards before and I'd prefer to avoid supporting Nvidia so let me have it.


AMD Ryzen 3700x @ stock

16 GB RAM currently set on a tested stable profile of 3.2ghz (Issue arises even on stock)

Asus x570 Prime-Pro Motherboard on most recent BIOS as of 9/4/2019

750w Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum PSU