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Ryzen pc freezing during gaming

Question asked by toheed on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by sgtkalash

I got my first ryzen pc 3 months ago the specs are

Ryzen 2600

X470 ultra gaming


1tb hdd

Adata 240gb ssd

Cooler master mwe 650w 80+ gold

The problem is the pc stucks randomly and I have to hard restart. This mainly happens in demanding titles like fortnit(144fps) It does happens in some older titles but most of the time it happens in fortnite. Sometimes it wont happen whol day but somtimes the pc can freeze every 5 mins. I thought maybe my ram was faulty so I bought new gskill trident z ram sticks. But still the same. I reinstalled windows, updated bios did every possible thing. Memtest etc. Pc usually freezes then gives a BSOD and sometimes it just stops. Bsod is mostly "Unexpected store exception". Now I was going to buy a new board but before that I thought maybe I should post here and maybe someone knows which part is the culprit. Ssd, hdd , mobo or gpu.

Plz I need help