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Enabling Freesync disables HDR on my monitor

Question asked by mentor07825 on Sep 4, 2019

Hi everyone,


I just bought the 5700 XT card, upgraded from a 480 8GB, and now I'm seeing that Freesync disables HDR when I turn it on. The OS shows that it's on but when I check my monitor control panel it's not. The full details of everything are:


GPU: 5700 XT 8GB

Driver: Radeon Software Version 19.9.1

Monitor: 27" CHG70

Monitor Driver: m-HG727CCAA-1020.0

Problem: Enabling HDR in Windows 10 works fine. The second I enable Freesync on my monitor it disables HDR, whereas on the previous card that never happened.


Any help or leads as to what I can do to resolve this would greatly be appreciated!