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v340 Citrix Support

Question asked by brianvd2 on Sep 4, 2019

Dear community,


I'm designing a new hardware stack for virtual workspaces and im a bit stuck in the graphics department. In our previous stack we used nvidia m10 gpu's to accelerate windows 10 vda's using Citrix Xendesktop. Trying to cut costs im looking to use AMD graphics this time, however im confused on the current state of affairs.


Is the s7150x2 still the most powerfull product for VDI acceleration? The more modern V340 caught my eye but it only seems to support VMWare platforms these days. Launch documentation strongly suggests it was meant to be supported on Citrix platforms aswell (see link below for example). Can someone enlighten me on this? 


Platform broad specs:

Dell Poweredge R740/R7425

Host OS: Citrix Hypervisor 8.0/Xenserver 7.1 ltsr

Guest OS: Windows server 2019 (Xendesktop multi-session VDA's)


Kind regards,