Following update to Radeon 19.5.2: game crashes, Radeon Settings crash, fps spikes and screen tearing.

Discussion created by unlmtd on Sep 4, 2019
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This happened while playing Apex Legends and killed my night.


Game settings are on max, and my PC was capable of running game well when I started playing it 2 months ago - 100fps(constant)@1440p. It started with fps spikes from 120fps down to 60 with clear tearing - roughly every half hour. I checked temps and everything was sub 75c.


I tried the driver updates in Radeon Settings, hoping it would solve the problem, but instead after updating to 19.5.2, things got worse. Apex Legends is crashing soon after Radeon Settings crashes (tried to end task and then refresh it, but it did not work.


Radeon Settings will not function properly - I can't stream, record, or even open the overlay in games.


Please help.


Ryzen 5 1400

Radeon Vega 56

Corsair 16GB RAM @ 3000mhz

Acer Nitro 1440p Monitor

MSI - B350 Tomahawk mobo

500w Corsair PSU