How to drive RX 5700XT and WX 7100 in the same host with two monitors

Discussion created by bamfox on Sep 4, 2019

Question 1: How to install drivers RX 5700XT and WX 7100?

Start black screen I bought RX 5700XT game graphics card and WX 7100 professional graphics card, installed on the same host, installed the corresponding driver, but the graphics card work unstable, there is a black screen startup (must be forcibly shut down and then boot to enter the system). How do these two graphics cards install drivers? Is it only necessary to install the professional version of the driver (Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q3)?


Question 2: How to Make Rhino Software Recognize WX 7100 Normally?

In the case of dual graphics cards, Rhino software can not recognize WX 7100.

- a) installation driver sequence: first install RX 5700XT driver, then install WX 7100 driver.

RX 5700XT does not work (Win 10 system display driver does not work), WX 7100 normal operation; Rhino 6 software can normally identify WX 7100 graphics cards, and work smoothly;


-b) Install the driving sequence: first install WX 7100 driver, then install RX 5700XT driver.

RX 5700XT and WX 7100 both work normally, and can switch the main graphics card normally. When switching RX 5700XT as the main display, Rhino 6 recognizes normally and runs normally; while when switching WX 7100 as the main display, Rhino 6 recognizes errors and cannot run. I would like to ask how to solve the above problems, thank you very much.