Ryzen 3600x bug

Discussion created by brody6762 on Sep 3, 2019
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Hi guys, After all the possitivity around the new Ryzen chips i decided to finally move away from the blue team and give the red team a go. Unfortunately it's been nothing but hassle and while iv got a temporary fix for my issue, its defiantly not satisfactory and i'm seriously considering cutting my losses and redoing my build, I built my new 3600x, 3200MHZ corsair lpx ddr4 ram and MSI B450M Mortar machine ready for some new games coming out this month, starting with Gears 5 this week then Borderlands 3 next. So my issue.. Since i finished my build 4 weeks ago i did everything by the book, Updated MB bios to support the chip, enabled xmp and everything booted up first time. I was happy as i did a fresh install of windows onto a ssd and first thing i did was download the chipset drivers and it auto activated ryzen balanced powerplan after a reset, then i installed my gtx 1080 drivers, motherboard ethernet, audio driver ext and so on. I instantly noticed in games, Mainly Battlefield 5, Battlefront 2, The division and Quake champions id get a little stutter where it would freeze for a split second and continue, this would happen every 30 seconds to a minute but sometimes more. I Looked on forums and people were having the same problems and being told to check cpu voltage spikes using Ryzen master hwinfo, rivatuna ext. I am familiar with this software so downloaded it, set it all up and sure enough the cpu was hitting high volts randomly then dropping. I waited for a chipset and Ryzen master driver update which allowed me to play Destiny 2 again which was great and also updated my MB bios as that had a update too. Problem fixed, so i thought. Now whats happening is i will start my pc and run a game it works fine, smooth frame rate, no stutter and no complaints at all, very happy with my performance gaming at 1440p on a 144hz monitor. When i quit a game and start another game or even the same game the problem comes back. If i restart my pc and boot a game up again from a fresh boot its fine. So im having to restart my pc every time i want to change application. Any idea what this could be because iv spent at least 3 days in total reading forums, changing and making new powerplans and the problem still persists.

Im using a corsair h100i pro aio cooler and getting good temps, GPU is at stock and not overclocked and worked fine in my intel i7 rig. Will this get fixed via a chipset update as im sure its a cpu problem, is anyone else having the same issue, Please help. Many thanks