Messed up ryzen 3700x boost.

Discussion created by noa on Sep 2, 2019

Hi everyone !

My setup is : 

-Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite 

-3700x (with a noctua NH U12S with a push/pull config)

-2x8GB 3200mhz RAM


Bios setings are : 

- XMP active for the RAM

- PBO Enabled 

everything else is set to auto.


Need to mention that i used the Power Saver plan and the CPU boost worked just fine 3.9GHZ @ 1.2V and did boost when needed to 4.3 @ 1.44V 

Everything was fine untill a few days ago when i got a win 10 update. After the update, The Power Saver power plan messed up the CPU boost. Now it dosn't go higher than 3.52GHZ @ 0.97V in games and that is with minimum processor state at 99%  (only boost higher in benchmarks).