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I want to interview AMD

Question asked by 홍은선 on Sep 2, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by goodplay

Hello, I’m EunSeon Hong

and I’m a sophister of Gyeongsang national university, Jinju, Republic of korea.

presently, I belong to a team with 4 senior members. and we are major in polymer engineering.


Every year we are offered GPP program which stands for Global Pioneer Program by the university authority, the major purpose of GPP is to improve our cultural consciousness and get a good opportunity for more knowledge on our study by experiencing foreign education and organization with the theme based on our interest. Our team's purpose is to get information about logic chip and how we can use this chip in the future.

I heard that AMD has focused on Logic chip.

Therefore, our team is planning to participate in the winter GPP this year so that we can improve our level.


we want to know whether we can ask something what we wonder and visit AMD in Santa Clara.

We want to visit AMD in 1-Jenuary, 2020

Can you interview for us?

I’ll really appreciate if you let us know whether we can get a permission or not as soon as possible.