r9 3900x did I do something wrong? high temp

Discussion created by sgtkalash on Sep 3, 2019
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Hello guys, I recently upgraded my PC so I got:

ryzen 9 3900x

gygabite aorus x570 elite

hyperx predator black 16gb ddr4 3200mhz CL16 dual channel

ssd samsung 970 EVO Plus series 500gb



all of them mounted in a Segotep Halo 6 Plus


After installing the windows and drivers I tried testing in PUBG on ultra settings, 100fps+ but the temps where going crazy I was monitoring with Speccy and CPUiD, cpu showd 65-94 min max and the gpu was at 80 celsius.


The fan in back pannel is connected to sys fan while the 3 fans in front of the case are connected directly to power supply.


Also the CPU stays in 65 temp while idle and can hear the fan reving up and down to cool it. Seems like is turboboosting in idle for no reason.


Now I can't turn on the pc because I tried installing the gygabite appcenter and I get bsod everytime I turn on the PC, looks like I have to install a fresh copy of windows.


My question is are the temps normal? is this how the cpu should work?

edit: the cpu has the sotck fan with the preapplied thermal paste.