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Getting low FPS (40) in Minecraft Radeon VII

Question asked by artavasdes on Sep 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2020 by halleks

I am getting low FPS in minecraft, about 40-60 on average and sometimes drops to 30. I have very useful OLED display on my PSU that tells me my power usage. It stays around 230 watts while I am playing minecraft. My render distance is 64,but I tried doing lower ones, but the differences were still uite lower than what the FPS is supposed to be if minecraft were using the radoen vii

The second image is with render disatance set at 2, the first is render at 64. When I use Sildurs Shaders extreme volumetric, I get below 30 FPS. According to other benchmarks, I am doing 6-8 time worse than a 1080 duke. For the 64 chunk render, I have allocated 10gb of ram for it to run better. The specs of the system are as follows

Radeon VII

Motherboard: X9DRi-f

Ram: ddr3 ecc 1866 mhz 80gb

CPU: 2x E5-2667v2 watercooled by a custom 360 mm rad loop

Monitor: 25" alienware freesync 240 hz


P.S: The radeon vii runs fine in other games like in rainbow six siege with maxed out settings, it runs an average 190-220 FPS at ultra settings.