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Radeon VII Code 43 in Device Manager

Question asked by inteventor on Sep 1, 2019

I've had issues with my Radeon VII in my main rig, so I put it in another machine to diagnose before i RMA. I came home to find the Radeon VII wouldn't display to my monitor. I pulled it out of the machine and put it in a spare box.


Previous to the no display issue, I had frequent black screen crashes in games which never seem to be resolved even with the BIOS updates and new Radeon drivers. It has been a roller coaster ride with this card.


On the second machine I am using a Radeon 550 to display via HDMI to a monitor. The Radeon VII can be seen in Device Manager, but has the yellow triangle indicating an issue:


"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"


Under the Events tab I can also see the message:


"Device PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_66AF&SUBSYS_081E1002&REV_C1\6&38978394&0&00000019 requires further installation."


I have tried re-flashing the Radeon VII bios to 1.06, uninstalling the graphics drivers, I have also tried a few versions of Radeon 19.x.x drivers. 


AMD Ryzen 1700

Asrock B350 Fatality K4 mainboard

16Gb 3000 CAS16 Team DDR 

1200w Silverstone PSU

2x Samsung SSDs

Radeon 550 

Radeon VII


Windows 10 64bit fresh installation

Radeon Adrenaline 19.8.2


Any idea on whether I can recover the card?