system hardcrash when gaming(vega64)

Discussion created by null81 on Sep 1, 2019
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This only happens when i have a web browser open on my second monitor while gaming

it's like the fan's on my GPU dont ramp up at all to cool the GPU down, and it overheats to the point where my whole system freeze's and i have to power the system down and reboot


my system is

win10(1903, all latest updates installed)

ryzen 7 1700

vega 64(asus rog strix)

16GB DDR4 2933Mhz

drivers for my GPU are the latest(19.8.2)


seems like this has been happening since i updated to the win10 1903 update

before that update/upgrade for windows i never had this issue

i even did a full format/reinstall of my system

and it only happens when i have a web browser open on my second screen

so to stop this from happening i have to manually force my GPU fan's to 75% or higher

like i said, if i have a web browser open, while gaming, it's like the GPU isn't detecting that it's heating up and my system crashes


and it's not like my vega64 has a bad heatsink/fan combo on it

underload before this started happening it would get to a max of and 59C

now once i get back into windows after the crash the GPU is sitting around 70C+


as i said, this only started happening once MS rolled out the 1903 update for win10

before that(1809 i think?) i never had this issue


it's like it's only registering the activity from the browser and not the game so it doesn't think it needs to ramp up the fans


happens to me with chrome/firefox/edge




ok, so it maybe the chipset drivers and not the GPU drivers? not 100% sure

but i did have a mild overclock on my CPU(3.7GHz 1.2V) so all my core were at the boost clock speed

disabled overclock(all default CPU settings) and the crashes stopped

never had any issue with it, untill the win10 1903 update

so maybe its the chipset drivers for my x370 board?(have the latest chipset drivers installed)

only started happening with the win10 1903 update, did have an olders chipset driver installed with 1903, and would still get crashes

just incase someone wants to know what mobo im using and bios version

MSI x370 gaming pro carbon BIOS 7A32v1L