RX560 crashing.

Discussion created by arthuria on Aug 31, 2019
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Hi, I recently bought RX 560 4 GB Sapphire Edition. Well first mistake I did was installing AMD drivers while Nvidia drivers were already installed. I thought that maybe that was causing GPU crashes. So I then later used DDU and cleared both AMD and Nvidia drivers and did a clean install. That still didn't fix the issue. I asked a lot of my friends that what could be the cause. Some said that Power Supply is the problem. So I upgraded an 400W power supply to 500 W. I don't have much stuff that I need some way too big power supply. Even that didn't fix my issue. Tried Radeon Wattman Settings and God knows what else but that was still causing the GPU crash. When I am playing game, if game is really low demanding such as "Brawlhalla" which nearly any pc on planet can run at stable 60 fps.. was stuttering  lagging.. suddenly it would good and then suddely fps would start spiking to 30 and then later it would get stable 60 and this would keep on happening. If I play a bit demanding game, I would get good stable fps, sometimes it would drop but it wasn't that bad but just after a bit, texture would start glowing white or blue or long black lines would appear and then after a bit, game would crash. Either game would crash or the whole GPU would crash and causing the PC to restart. Nothing worked so I decided to change windows. I was using Windows 7 and then I switched to Windows 10  and suprisingly, Brawlhalla was running good and stable. I thought maybe some driver components were causing problem so maybe changing windows fixed it. I reinstalled Windows 7 and amazingly, I was starting to again have those lag issues and crash issues. So I believe OS is the problem. Kindly guide me to run the GPU fine on Windows 7 because Windows 10 really destroys gaming performance overall and I really don't think that my privacy is safe on Windows 10.

Driver Versions I tried : 19.8.1 , 19.8.2 and 19.5.2 .

Edit : Get this error a lot "Default Wattman Settings have been restored due to unexpected System Failure"