The issue of Memory clock maximum reached when you are using a high refresh rate of 5700XT.

Discussion created by gwin on Aug 30, 2019
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I'm worried that everyone is having the same problem as me.


Currently I'm having a problem with the memory clock being fixed at the maximum when I set the refresh rate above 120Hz.


If i'm using a DP to DP cable for a single monitor and the refresh rate will be 144Hz or 165Hz, or if i'm using a dual monitor (at that case this may cause problems if you exceed 100Hz), cause problems.


 As a result of inquiring the manufacturer and AMD, the memory clock fixing phenomenon is clearly called "problem".


The answer from AMD was,

'to update the BIOS, try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics card driver using the DDU utility.'

but that didn't solve the problem.


And the answer from the manufacturer was,

'try using a different connection cable, test it by connecting a VGA to another monitor and computer (I didn't test it because I don't have an extra computer), and likewise use the DDU utility to erase and reinstall the graphics card driver.' but this also did not solve the problem.




Anyone have you solved this problem?



I am currently using a computer like this.

ㅇCpu : intel core i9 9900k coffee lake
ㅇVga : [SAPPHIRE] Radeon™ RX 5700XT D6 8GB /VGA
ㅇMotherboard : ASRock > Z390 Extreme4
ㅇRam : DDR4 16G PC4-19200 X 2
ㅇPower : micronics CLASSIC II 700W 12V single rail 85+