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please make chip/let 6c/12t CPU with 24 CU GPU and 4GB GRAM - nuclear cocktail for 300$

Question asked by jamesbourned on Aug 30, 2019

best APU now is 3400g but it has 10K CPU perf and 2.7K GPU(Vega 11) perf.

too small for usual work (programmer and compilers) and too small for sometimes games (720p with low/medium preset)

and I dont like big PC cases, I want AMD NUC. really many people wants same, just read minipc forums.


digits: right now AMD has Ryzen 5 3600 with 20K perf (+100% over 3400g) with price $200 and it can build 24 CU GPU + 4GB as AMD done for Intel 8809g.

well, 20K for CPU and 7K for GPU is good digits for HTCP/NUC table PC.