Ryzen 3 2200g Solid Green Display Problem

Discussion created by dantastic21 on Aug 30, 2019

Hi, I just build my first AMD PC. My Problem is, After installing graphic driver which is Radeon Adrenalin for Ryzen 3 2200g (The Latest Version) The Display goes solid Green. I can still Access the BIOS but when the Windows is starting to boot up the display turns solid green. I followed all the procedures but still hasn't change anything. I even updated my windows 10 (1903) to the latest and also tried changing the display chord from vga to hdmi but still no luck. I even installed first the Chipset driver before installing the graphic driver and also updated the BIOS. I even tried installing previous drivers but the output is still the same.


I hope someone can help me, it's been a week


PC Specs:

CPU= Ryzen 3 2200g

MOTHERBOARD= MSI a320m pro-vh plus

RAM= Avexir Core 8gb 2400Mhz with Heatsing LED

PSU= EVGA 500w 80+



PS: Sorry for my bad english