Fan speed control 19.8.2 Driver

Discussion created by cowly on Aug 29, 2019
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I just bought a Radeon RX590 Anniversary edition and it is a really good product.

But I have a small issue that I don't seem to be able to figure out.

I made a manual setup for the fans so that they are always working not just when factory setting turn it on.

I applyed the settings and even made a profile save file.

But every time i turn OFF my PC and than when I turn it ON the fans are off. I have to go in to Global WattMan settings and turn manual temperature settings off and Rezo RPM on (its off by my settings) than apply changes and than change it back to manual on and Zero RPM off again and apply changes and the fans turn on as they should. basicly what I do is re apply the settings that I already had set up previously.


Can someone tell me what I'm douing wrong or how to fix it?


Thank you.