[Powercolor RX Vega 64] Games keep freezing and crashing

Discussion created by ivisc on Aug 29, 2019
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Hello Guys,


I have a problem with my RX Vega 64. My games keep crashing on me (mainly Dead by Daylight and CS:GO). 


So the game freezes for a second, then my screens all turn black (Audio of the game is still playing), after that I get thrown onto my desktop, while my game is still running (Audio is still there). The game is still running minimized and I have to force close it with the task manager. Also Wattman crashes and gets restored to default (also tried undervolting, which also didn't solve the problem)


I'm running a three screen setup, the main one is connected with a DP cable (I also replaced it once) the other two are connected with HDMI - this problem also persisted when I had a two screen setup. 


This problem was fixed for me for like 2-3 months since this week it is happening again.


System specs: 

i5-8600K - used to be overclocked but isn't anymore thought maybe that would fix it. Hint it didn't  

MSI Z370 PC 

16 GB Crucial DDR4 RAM 

Powercolor RX Vega 64 paired up with with a Corsair TX750M (750W) - This is also the recommended wattage by AMD.

Newest Version of Windows 10 Pro with the newest AMD Driver installed (19.5.2).

I hope you guys can maybe figure out what is wrong with my system. 


Thank you in advance