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High Idle Temperatur 3900x & Asus 570X-E

Question asked by lpggnecromant on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2019 by dacq

Hello there,


I bought 2 weeks ago a few new components. Within the Ryzen 3900X aswell the ASUS 570X-E Motherboard and the Trident Z 3200Mhz RAM.

The only setup i made in the Bios was to setup the profil to XMP to get the full 3200Mhz of the RAM.


Every Driver are the newest ones:

BIOS (1005 - Released 12.08.19)

Chipset ( - Released 19.08.19)

AMD Driver (newest "AMD Ryzen Master")


If I open the Ryzen Master I got always temperatures between 60° and 75° within an cpu-usage of 1 to 3%.

(e.g. Intel CPUs are at 30-40° ...)

The thing is, the stock cooler on it drives crazy. But is not like the stock cooler always turns on at 100%, it slows down back to like 50% RPM and instanly back to 100% and 50% ... 100% ... 50%. Its quiet annyoing.


My Graphiccard within is at 40°, 15% Usage, really relaxing.


Dunno what to do with this cpu. It is loud and hot.

May I have to undervolt the cpu or get some liquid metal instead of thermalpaste.