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RX 5700 messed up my whole computer?

Question asked by laptel on Aug 30, 2019

The issue is that now that my new graphic card is installed, my computer is lagging a lot (even just on the desktop). Also, every application whatsoever get some freeze that last for a few second.


How it happend:
I've installed my new graphic card yesterday. It replaced and old Nvidia graphic card; so I had to get a better power source in my computer. After removing old graphic drivers, i properly changed my alimentation, and then I switched to my new graphic card.  At this point, i launched the computer, but the video output only went from my motherboard integrated graphics. Now, everytime i start my computer it take several minute for the graphic card to actually start sending any HDMI output. Also, the harddrive stay at 100% of usage for the first 10 minutes after i started the computer ( it never did this before)
Now, while in game, it seems that i definitely got a huge power upgrade (went from 50+ fps to more than 240 in fortnite) but even so, I still got the big freezes i mentionned earlier; and very often the game just crash; just shutting down the monitor, and forcing me to force restart the computer.


What I already tried:
I downloaded these drivers from this website: "Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.8.2 Optional"
Clearly improved the FPS in game, but didn't correct the problem


Total cleanup and windows reinstall: Seeing that the harddrive seemed to be bugged, I cleaned it; and even tried a second one from another computer.
Neither fixed the problem.


So now, i have a very slow to start, freezing and often crashing computer; that can support high graphic, but can't hold for long for some obscure reason.