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new rx 5700 doesnt work, is it doa or am I crazy? I need some help please

Question asked by masteroguitar on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2019 by masteroguitar

I just got the rx 5700 xt today and went to install it. here's what I did from start to finish.


removed all my Nvidia drivers.

installed new card and it didn't display anything. 

put Nvidia card back in and checked if my windows was up to date, it was. checked my bios settings and it was outdated so I used the gigabyte app center to use @bios to update to bios 31. put in the amd card again and it still didn't work.


ive put in a lot of time to get this thing to work and Im at a loss and I don't have onboard graphics to play around while the card is plugged in. when I put my last card in it just worked and I installed the drivers. now I cant even get it to display anything right from the start, not even the boot logo, my screen doesn't even see that there is a signal.


here are my pc specs

OS windows 10

motherboard. GA AB350- GAMING 3

processor. Ryzen 7 1700

Ram corsair vengeance 3200 2 8 gb sticks

power supply 600 w 

hard drive micron 1 tb ssd


there is only one thing I can think of that could possibly be the answer to my problems but I doubt it, and its that the card requires a 8pin and a 6 pin connector and all I have are 2 8 pin connectors connected to separate outputs on the power supply. could that be it? lack of power? I don't know, any help would be appreciated