RX 580 low usage in some games

Discussion created by numbers on Aug 28, 2019
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My specs:

RX 580 8GB Gigabyte Aorus XTR

i5 6400

2x8GB RAM DDR4 @2133mhz

1TB HDD 7200rpm Toshiba

Asus H110M-C/BR


Now the problem is that i'm not getting the performance i should on some games, like ArmA 3 or CS GO and the problem seems to be that the card isn't being used at it's max. On CS GO or ArmA 3 the GPU clock never goes to it's max, on CS i'm getting 150fps on low and on ArmA 3 doesn't matter the setting max or lowest i only get around 30-40fps always, i've seem some people with similar issue on this forum but none seem to have got a propper fix. Hope someone can help me.

Recently i've done somethings -unsucefully- trying to solve this:

-Uninstalled MSI Ufterburner

-Reinstaled the drivers usind DDU

-Set GPU and memory clocks to dynamic on WattMan


None of this solved my problem.