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How do I fix my ryzen 7 3700x overheating problems?

Question asked by zodola on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by hardcoregames™

I got my 3700x a few weeks ago and the temperatures were pretty high with temperatures up to 93 degrees C whilst gaming with the out the box cooler (wraith prism). Which is quite worrying as I would like my cpu to last as long as possible and higher temperatures aren't doing it any favours. So today I have installed the NZXT kraken x42 AIO water cooler whilst the idle temperatures do breach a lower temperature that i have never seen my cpu reach before It has also reached the highest temperatures ive seen it. (102 degrees C). Forget the oven i can cook my own breakfast here thanks. 102 definitely seems worrying. Does anyone know where I should start in trying to figure out the problem? My cpu is not overclocked and I'm using the NZXT CAM application to monitor temperatures and i've created my own custom profiles to make sure that the pump and the fans are maxed out and even with google chrome and CAM being the only applications open currently I am above 80 degrees C. Please help as soon as possible.