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Bug report: experiencing an Access Violation error with a particular compute shader, but only on amd adapter, not WARP.

Question asked by gfmatt on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by dipak

I've found that with some shaders, the ID3D11Device::CreateComputeShader function causes an access violation when the ID3D11Device in question is created with an AMD adapter.  I've been able to repro this consistently and have put together a project to demonstrate the problem, linked here:


Of note:

-the AV doesn't occur on the Microsoft Basic Render Driver.

-the AV can be reproduced with other shaders that use a similar nested if-pattern like the one found in the above project.

-the AV doesn't occur when using the DX12 api equivalent (WARP, AMD adapter, or otherwise).


The resolution of this error is of particular interest to me, as similar shaders of mine using this nested-if pattern have outperformed other patterns on DX12.


I'm running all this on Windows 10, and the GPU I'm using is an AMD RX580.  My current Radeon Software Version is 19.5.2, but I'd experienced this problem in previous versions as well.


I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could forward this to all relevant parties.  Thank you!