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3700x does not overclock

Question asked by saiyuki on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by cosmicdance

Hi all. When i first got a Gigabyte Gaming x x570 mobo with the Ryzen 3700x The temperature problem was bad, but the 3700x poodled along at 4.2xx Hhz, but since updating the bios to F4j my temps have gone down but the 3700x does not overclock. I tried the Ryzen Master utility in auto overclock mode, but when it's stress testing, the CPU frequency never goes above 3600Mhz. I've tried the easytune app and the cpu can overclock to 3.7.xx but thats far away from the 4.2 i was getting.


I've done the usual reset the bios to default settings but no joy. I did update the amd_chipset_drivers_v1.8.19.0915.


Anything i run on the system works great, it's just the 'why doesn't it do it now' thinking thats getting in the way.