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Problem with Pixel Format setting

Question asked by maslomlg on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by maslomlg

I have a problem, I currently have MSI R9 270. I use the driver version 19.4.1 this is the latest version on which everything works for me. After updating to the latest recommended version, 19.5.2, I can't change the Pixel Format in the screen settings. Currently I have set YCbCr 4: 4: 4 Pixel Format which is what I want, and after updating the driver there is still RGB 4: 4: 4 Pixel Format PC Standard (Full RGB) and when on this new driver I try to change to the YcbCr that I had earlier it automatically changes to RGB 4: 4: 4 right away.

Anyone know what to do so that I can set YcbCr on new drivers?