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Radeon rx 5700 monitor turns off after install proprietary driver.

Question asked by fexolm on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2019 by dimas100

I've just installed windows 10 and all worked fine until I tried to install 19.8.2 drivers. 

When I was installing that driver, my GPU cooler began accelerated for a second and screen turned off. 

After reboot, it repeats every launch. So I can not even start windows.


I've tried to repair the system in safe mode. After that, all recovered, but after driver installation, it all happened again.


(BTW same problems on ubuntu 18.04. Mesa works good (but 10 fps in Dota 2), proprietary driver crashes the system. 

(I haven't got IGPU, so it looks like GPU is working somehow) 


My system: 

cpu - i7 9700f

gpu - sapphire radeon rx 5700

mb - asrock h370m-itx/ac

ps - deepcool mb500 (shouldn't be a problem until I don't give any load to the GPU)


UDP: I can successfully run powermax GPU test on default drivers and GPU is working. But performance is low.