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RX470 making buzzing noise while playing high end games

Question asked by killerkoala78 on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by killerkoala78

My video card has been recently making a loud buzzing sound while I'm playing certain games (so far, I've noticed this in Battlefield 1 and in GTA V). You can see in the attached video that it's rather annoying. The graphics themselves seem to be looking just fine but it definitely starts buzzing a lot when I'm outside and exploring the city of Los Santos. Once I quit the game - the buzzing completely stops and goes back to being very quiet. I'm not in familiar territory here but I do tech support as a career so I'd like to nail this down if possible. Can anybody suggest anything to help me fix this? If you need any log information, just let me know what and I can grab it.


My guess here is the card is overheating, it's running at about 50-60 degrees Celsius while I ran the game with the Performance Logging enabled.