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3700x on 1v = better performance

Question asked by yazx on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by yazx

UPDATE: Actually it gives better boost clocks but worse performance, in Cinebench R20 i used to get 4000, setting the voltage to offset mode and properly adjusting it boosted the score to 4700, but temps now around 70s-80s in stress tests and 65 in games.



hi all,


i'm coming from intel 3770k Oced to 4.5 Ghz, i always owned intel and this is the first time i own an AMD CPU. so as usual Ryzen OC doesnt work like intel, etc....


i tried alot of scenarios and voltages, the best experience i got is from setting the voltage to 1.0 in bios, PBO to 200 Mhz and in windows set the power plan min CPU 90% and Max CPU to 100%.


the catch is CPU voltage is always 1.4v+ and doesnt drop when idling, but with this config i get 4250 boost on all cores with 62 degrees full load, 35-40 degrees on idle.


raising the voltage in bios results in higher temps and less boost frequency, as an example, setting the voltage to 1.1, boost max 4150 and temps in 70s at full load.


i dont get whats going on and why it behaves like this, if anyone can shed some light on it and let me know if i can achieve the same result with voltage drops when idling would be appreciated.