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Vega56 black squares

Question asked by yenon on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by yenon

I've been experiencing black squares in certain areas in games using a Sapphire Vega56 Pulse. Since this issue has not been resolved by returning and buying a different card (serial numbers different, hynix instead of samsung aswell :/), i'd like to hear some opinions on this. 2 different systems were used to test and reproduce this issue:


System 1:


ASUS Prime Z270-P (bios 1205)

2x Kingston KHX2133C14/8G

650W Focus+ Gold (Fixed version, contacted their support)




System 2:

Phenom II X4 965


2x Crucial Ballistix Sport

Same PSU and drives



iiyama G-MASTER GB2488HSU (DP)

Samsung SyncMaster S24B350T


Problems happen on all available drivers, latest tested: 19.8.2

Windows 10 x64 Edu 1803, also tested on 1909.

Issues happen on both displays, if one is disconnected, they still happen. I have tried downclocking by 10% and increasing powerlimit to +50%, no effect.


Here is a video of the issue: 

AMD bugreport - YouTube 

First 2 seconds is pretty noticeable in the password field, please watch on 1080p60fps.


I am completely out of ideas, will try to get my hands on another psu.


PS: Forgot to mention, everything works using my older RX470.