Wattman overclocking bugs - Not applying always and random resetting after a PC restart

Discussion created by mjt on Aug 27, 2019
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Wattman is still so extremely bugged. Infuriatingly bugged. Broken. Multiple issues!


Not once can i get any overclock to hold since buying my Vega 64 Strix in February. By "holding" i mean when i restart my PC. Any one of the many settings in Wattman that have been changed like undervolting/overclocking goes back to default while other settings remain the same. Random settings at random PC restarts have gone back to default. This some times does dangerous things like having 50% power offset still work and the undervolt has gone back to default. I do not want my GPU to draw 420w+ and create that kind of crazy temps to match while gaming TYVM. That is after getting lucky when applying settings initially and them actually applying. Using profiles just makes the issues even worse. After knowing my card inside and out for over 6 months and still no stable overclock while using monitoring software for countless hours to learn this horrible behaviour. The 20% to 30% FPS increase i can get in some games is awesome. Especially when temps, noise and power usage/consumption are all improved over default.


The best that can be done to get a overclock that is stable is:
-Use a lot of monitoring software to watch things like watts and volts being used under load to indicate as best as possible that stable settings have even been applied
-Do a fresh full manual overclock every time in a specific order to get the best chance of having all changes apply. This will last as long as the software is running. Either from a crash or a PC restart
-Profiles themselves do not even have a reset option that works. Once it is a manual profile it is always a manual profile unless manually entering all default settings
-(and more)
To play a game while using an overclock i will always go through all the following steps. Which i have just made as a fast setup and stable for all games. Go in Wattman. Get all settings back to default by selecting either "balanced" or "turbo". The reset button does not always default all things. Those settings luckily do still work when NOT using a profile. Give states above 1050mv that exact amount starting from the lower states to the highest. I prefer 1030mv in 90%+ of games. My memory goes to 1150MHZ fully stable and no artifacting always IF the undervolt has applied properly. Anything competitive i no longer even do that specific light/stable overclock before each play session.

I see the same issues reported for over 2 years on all AMD GPU's released. I am ready for a refund for a graphics card i really do like and wish would stay the same settings i apply each time i use it. It is far to unreliable to use any custom profile in any competitive gaming since no overclock to this day will hold. This behaviour makes me like my old 290x even more. I see the same behaviour in things as far back as the 580 or earlier, all the way up to the latest Navi release being the 5700XT at time of this message. Basically every issue shown in the live Overclocking Vega 56 video by Steve from Gamers Nexus. That amount of work is needed for every time a game is wanted to be played and the faith in it not crashing is just as high always.


Please fix possibly the most annoying software ever and please fix the smaller but very annoying things like not having zero RPM option when trying to increase the fan curve. I always use default fan curve for this very reason. Only when the software/driver is fixed will i get another AMD graphics card. And that is the brand i want most if it will work. If not i will be sad buying Nvidea.