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Threadriper 2950x all cores stuck at 0.52Ghz / 548 Mhz

Question asked by gnomikk on Aug 27, 2019

Hello dear AMD support,

Not sure why, brand new setup with Threadripper 2950x has an issue with CPU, all cores stacked at 0.52Ghz / 548Mhz. I have a latest bios update and drivers for motherboard. I've installed AMD Ryzen Master and I've tried to adjust settings, but after reboot CPU still stacked on 0.52 Ghz. I've verified cooling system - no issues, all connected and reports 35 Celcium on all cores. I've tried different modes, normal, creators and gaming mode. Attached are pictures from gaming mode.

Please advise, I really dont know what to do next, System is pretty much stacked and even mouse movements are slowed down.