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battery under linux vs windows

Question asked by ryzenlinuxer on Aug 25, 2019

post here your battery times with a laptop amd ryzen powered

Mine:  power usage(powertop) in idle for linux are 12 W, in windows(hwinfo, sensors, battery) the power decrease to 5 W

the output of cpupower idle-info with amd ryzen( ryzen 5 3550H) tells me :

CPUidle driver: acpi_idle CPUidle governor: menu analyzing CPU 0:  Number of idle states: 3 Available idle states: POLL C1 C2 POLL: Flags/Description: CPUIDLE CORE POLL IDLE Latency: 0 Usage: 1270 Duration: 2635 C1: Flags/Description: ACPI FFH MWAIT 0x0 Latency: 1 Usage: 60347 Duration: 17870643 C2: Flags/Description: ACPI IOPORT 0x414 Latency: 400 Usage: 22640 Duration: 59696920 

I don't know if in windows there are more. In linux the min frequency and hardware limits are :

output cpupower frequency-info analyzing CPU 0:   driver: acpi-cpufreq   CPUs which run at the same hardware frequency: 0   CPUs which need to have their frequency coordinated by software: 0   maximum transition latency:  Cannot determine or is not supported.   hardware limits: 1.40 GHz - 2.10 GHz   available frequency steps:  2.10 GHz, 1.70 GHz, 1.40 GHz   available cpufreq governors: performance schedutil   current policy: frequency should be within 1.40 GHz and 2.10 GHz.                   The governor "schedutil" may decide which speed to use                   within this range.   current CPU frequency: 2.10 GHz (asserted by call to hardware)   boost state support:     Supported: no     Active: no     Boost States: 0     Total States: 3     Pstate-P0:  2100MHz     Pstate-P1:  1700MHz     Pstate-P2:  1400MHz

for a laptop, windows with hwinfo tells me that cpu min was 400 Mhz, while my intel (i5 4690)pc has 800Mhz.. in a desktop with linux and these c states :

Number of idle states: 6
Available idle states: POLL C1 C1E C3 C6 C7s
Latency: 0
Usage: 641664
Duration: 1570615
Flags/Description: MWAIT 0x00
Latency: 2
Usage: 5289702
Duration: 929445496
Flags/Description: MWAIT 0x01
Latency: 10
Usage: 2574490
Duration: 384566487
Flags/Description: MWAIT 0x10
Latency: 33
Usage: 3836493
Duration: 1143287787
Flags/Description: MWAIT 0x20
Latency: 133
Usage: 803906
Duration: 436447532
Flags/Description: MWAIT 0x32
Latency: 166
Usage: 3390294
Duration: 3870853067