5700 xt Problem crach AMD Wattman and BSOD

Discussion created by enjoypain on Aug 25, 2019
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Hello... After buy that video card 5700 xt, i try use with "down voltage GPU setting " why ? Because that video so hot and loud...  I looking google and read another ppl who give information how need tune AMD WattMan PO for take nice perfomens with normal 65-75t on GPU and silence cooling system with 35-45% speed.. 


Before i start test this setting i have 2 BSOD in defoult settings WattMan.. And Green Scren.. 



Then i start testing some settings like a: 

1850 MHz / 1076 mV and manual FAN speed 
No change in Mem Frequency 

Video work fine but still have huge tems 95-110 ... 


I use this power settings and give -35% power limit:


Then i have nice work with low loud 60-66 with 43% fun 
After 3 day i have another problem.. WattMan start crashing ... 


: The amdkmdap video driver stopped responding and was successfully restored.
: Permission settings for a specific application do not give Local Activation permissions for a COM server application with CLSID
COMPUTER \ Enjoy user with a security ID (S-1-5-21-4249672605-4271662135-650305623-1001) and a LocalHost address (using LRPC) running in the application container Not available with a security ID (Not available). This security permission can be changed using the component services administration tool.


Then i need restart system or restart AMD Wattman .. 


I think this problem come after my change with power on GPU or Power Limits... 
Then i use:

Frequency / Voltage = Auto 
Manual setting on FAN speed 
Power Limit = 0%

No change in Memory power or Frequency = Auto.. 


And i stil have crash AMD Wattman with Error's on screen before...  
I use clear instal windows 10 / 1809 and instal last drivers for all equipment... 

CPU : Ryzen 2700x 

Motherboard : ASUS Prime X470-Pro
RAM : GSkill 8gb / x2
Video :  AMD 5700 XT

Power : Seasonic 850W FOCUS Plus Platinum
Monitor :  LG UltraGear 32GK650F-B / 144hz
what need to do, fow take stability with work in AMD videocard like on INTEL shitty cards ?