New PC keeps restarting from minimal load

Discussion created by pcprobs on Aug 25, 2019
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I have recently build my own pc, with spec as follows.

Ryzen 3600

X570 Aorus Elite

2080 Aorus

Corsair 3200 lpx


The problem is that my pc restarts from seemingly minimal load on cpu. I have managed to install windows and some drivers. But when trying to install chipset drivers it restarts shortly after. I have also downloaded discord, and the same moment I try to execute the file to install, it instantly restarts. No errors or anything. 

When monitoring the cpu before it restarts, the cpu usage is under no stress at all, and the temperature goes to 55 degrees before restarts.

The bios is updated. Cmos cleared. LMX set to profile 1. Disabled Precision boost. In Windows failsafe it also restarts. I have also tried with a different PSU, HD and GPU. Still restarts. I do not have extra amd CPU or MB to exclude either of these two. 


When running in Ubuntu the problem dissapears, and the PC does not restart, even when stress testing the CPU.

I am at a complete loss here. Hope you can help.

EDIT: The restarts were caused by a faulty CPU. Replacing it, fixed the problem.