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Crackling audio with display driver for RX 5700 (new build)

Question asked by wewlad on Aug 24, 2019

Desktop Build:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Sapphire RX 5700 Pulse



Corsair TX 650M

2 case fans/ AMD wraith stealth cooler


Running on Windows 10

Using USB headset. Also tried with regular audio jack headset for same problem

DPC latency checker is giving me the whole "your drivers are bad" thing

Disabling display adapter in device manager fixes problem. Re enabling brings it back

Other drivers I have installed:

The drivers for my wireless adapter

Realtek audio From here I downloaded the auto-detect version and have also tried the other version.

I have run driver booster and updated anything it told me to update.

I have switched the PCI-e slots the card was using

I have tried doing a custom install and unchecking hdmi audio does not solve my problem.

For these reasons I am convinced the problem is with the display driver specifically and not the power settings, speaker configuration or windows start up settings (common solutions to crackling audio found on google). By the way, the drivers I have to install are not from the sapphire product page. They just tell me to go to the AMD site and use the reference drivers.

I should also add that sometimes I get video tdr failure blue screens. At one point my PC couldn't boot at all.I don't think lack of power is an issue as I have seen a vega 56 run in this set up with a 550 watt supply. Otherwise my card might be DOA, AMD needs to sort their drivers out or I accidentally fried it when i connected the power cables wrong (I connected only one 8pin to 6 pin cable at first)