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ray tracing on 5700XT (and 580) and future game opimization

Question asked by tgn on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2019 by leyvin

Just wondering now what people think, considering RT is a directx12 feature and not nvidia feature. And that the 5700XT runs RT amazingly well, 2060 super-2070 Raytracing performance without even having RT cores. Do people here think that AMD cards will get the option to turn on RT in DX12 games like Watch dogs legion? Radeon 7 shoud be able to shred raytracing cause of its cores and memory for example aswell. We all also know that Raytracing will be a thing in next gen consoles (PS5 and xbox scarlett), which will be using an R7 2nd gen and 5700 APU. Does that mean these consoles will get APU`s with RT cores which then again means the next round of 5700-series GPU`s will have dedicated RT cores, or will it just support RT without em? 

Proof how well RT actually runs on AMD cards Minecraft Ray Tracing on AMD GPUs - YouTube 


And also, what do people think of future game optimization for AMD?  When a game is INSANELY good optimized such as Forza Horizon 4, its up with the 2080ti... With next gen consoles also using a 5700, that means future games will have to get optimized for AMD? its usually been the other way around when it comes to PC`s, AMD havent really had anything worth optimizing... But with Ryzen and Navi, what do people think? If it is true that Navi is like 1st gen ryzen, nvidia should be concerend... And in my mind atleast, it sounds genius for AMD to make console hardware, because consoles is the most widespread gaming platform. Game developers will have to make their games optimized for AMD, and their optimization on consoles will find their way over to the PC port of the game, while nvidia and intel would have to get optimized from scratch. I know that the PS4 uses AMD APU aswell, but thats specially made for the PS4 aint it? It doesnt use an off the shelf CPU and GPU chip, while the PS5 will. 


Just some thoughts lol.